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Aegis Rhodesian Ridgebacks


THIS AEGIS RIDGEBACK IS________________________!

The Myers-Flynn Family
K.C., Don, Jillyn, Sam

The Passing of our Matriarch "K.C."
D.C. Kivuli's Kennecott Copper, SC
We know Sampson was there to greet you with BUNNIES!!!

The face that changed Don's mind about Ridgebacks
Aegis Rula Bula, HIC

Red Dog in the Red Rocks!

TAG.....You're it!!!!!!!!!!!
Kinley and Angie

Soul Sisters
Suzanne and Maia

Can't a girl get some beauty sleep?

Chiana and Bru
Who needs presents?

Will the best soccer player in the WORLD please raise your hand?
er, um, PAW?
I am, I am......................Z-man

The Hilton Sisters

Aegis Sinyala

The first liver-nosed Ridgeback Produced
by Aegis Ridgebacks
owned by Dr.Kathy Baccus, DVM

Satchel(left) and Z-man 
"Keep a straight face, man"

"Ouch, that's my ear!"
Zulu and his kitty

Dylan and Corbin

Rocco and his hunting buddy Jaeger

Zara, catchin' some Rays!

"The Sweetest EVER!!!!!"
Raimi and Kitty

"Not A Dog"
Shumba and Daddy!

Bezu and Kitty

"Fun In The Sun!"
Aegis Pack and Friend, Daria.

Erin and Bing

Erin and best buddy Bing
Yes, it's kinda sick how much I love this dog.

FC Sampson, CD, LCM, SC
Jillyn's first RR
Rescued from the Ogden, UT. Animal Shelter
First LCM in Utah!
In Loving Memory 1990-2004

The Three Muskateers!
how'd they do that?
Karibe, KC, Sam

Did someone say "SNUGGLY"?
For Kinley (a poem)

your eternal spirit
moves swift
like ridges
on the hunt

to prowl around
one last time
on your porch
where you taught me

to romp
and track flies
scare children
into thinking

i was as mean
as my looks
and not just
a puppy inside

(Dedicated to my grandma, Kinley, whose spirit finally ascended from this rock over the weekend. I'll be seeing you again and again....Satch)


Our friend Sagen, owned by John Horn and Julie McDonnell.  Ridgebacks Love Agility!
Rest in Peace. You are missed.

Satchel Sez:
I never rush myself. See, they can't start the game without me.
Leroy "Satchel" Paige, the Legendary Baseball Great.

Diego and Hailey
Love's first Kiss
"Let lips do as hands do"
R & J, William  Shakespeare


The Princess and the Pea
Is any bed really soft ENOUGH?


Ridgeback Fashion

Logan, the vicious maneater

What do you get when you cross a Ridgeback with a ???????????????

Aegis Special Forces


"A Pillow"
Jemma with Great Dane Bailey!

Way to go, Zman

Max, our best old guy rescue

These photos are for your enjoyment.  Please do not use them without consent of the web site owners.

Erin Coogan
Albuquerque, New Mexico