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Aegis Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Why a Rescue?

Why not?

Generally these dogs are not in rescue because of
something they've done.
Life has its ups and downs and unfortunately not everyone
can keep their pets. So, rescuers take them in and help them find
a new home.  How about a dog that is already house broken? Leash Trained? Kid trained? Needs exercise, but doesn't have to be entertained all day long.
Sounds too good to be true? NOPE!
Take a look below at these great dogs and you will see
These dogs and many more AVAILABLE through
Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue, Inc.

Dottie! 8/2018. ADOPTED!
Here's one amazing lady! She is smallish (60 lbs), trained and kid friendly!
She loves kids, but HATES CATS and SQUIRRELS!!!
A Ridgeback mix with a perfect ridge and the dignified style of a purebred.
She is 8 years old and ready to teach your young dog a thing or too and keep up on all of your family hikes.

"Kimba and Lola" are siblings, but 3 years apart. Super sweet and well behaved. They are continue their road of spoiling in Oregon!

This is "Rowdy" a handsome livernosed RR mix! Super happy, loves kids, toys and to PLAY! Smaller than a purebred and ridgeless, but the RR characteristics are unmistakable! He is currently being fostered in Arizona. He is NOT GOOD WITH CATS or other small furry critters.
Even more beautiful in person! Left unclaimed in the Idaho Falls Animal Shelter, this "Chocolate Covered Ridgeback" was sprung by a Mastiff person, driven to Utah by Pilots N Paws, fostered at Aegis, then shipped to her furever home in MD. One lucky dog!

"Old Lady"
"Savy, Savannah"
Desperately devoted! Smart as a whip and protector of all!
So, she's old....probably 11-ish.
So, she has some arthritis.
So, she is a bit gray.
So? Sew buttons on Easter eggs!
She's perfect and she got dumped at the Animal Shelter!
Gotta Couch? Need a carpet ornament?

Something tells me you haven't seen a Ridgeback this beautiful?
Probably not, and we found him at the Humane Society of Utah!
Fabulous "ridgeless" specimen of a Brown-nosed RR.
Purebred as they come.
Taking a private plane via PilotsnPaws to Oregon for his new home!
Evidently, Henry knows how to open the Refrigerator!!!

Here's REBA!!!! She is 9 years old and Fit as a Fiddle! Really! She keeps up with the young dogs at the dog park and hunts jacks like a lady in her prime! If you're smart enough for her, she's your pal.

Male "Drake" 2-3 year old RR mix.  See Drake's Before and After pictures on the Fit or Fat? page.

"Eye" love you Denny!

Do you believe in Divine Intervention?
Well, you should!
Not came to rescue extremely under weight, with bad teeth and severe Fly Strike on his ears.
With some high quality food, raw bones and a good bath, along with INDOOR living, Not made a complete turn around.
Just in time to fill the heart of Denny in Michigan.
It just so happened that Amy B. of Akanni RR was coming to Utah and was able to drive Not to his new home back in her home state of, you guessed it, Michigan!
You tell me a higher power wasn't involved in this!

I'm Bo!!!!

I am 6 years young. Purebred...DUH!!! I am very friendly and loving.
I am perfectly fine with Children, I give sloppy kisses. I sit, down and Speak!
I DO NOT like cats! GRRRRR, they are SOOOO Hairy!
I really don't appreciate puppies jumping in my face either.
Hey...a man has to have his standards!
Neutered, Vaccinated and Ready to GO!!!!

Wanna Play?

Meet "Buddy"(now Dash)
An Oklahoma Transplant!!!
Another PERFECTLY RIDGED RR Mix. Probably a little
Aussie and Catahoula in the mix.
I now live with my House Bunny in Tahoe!

Meet "Sonny"
A Texas Transplant!!!

A beautifully Ridged RR Mix, probably with Heeler.
A sweet, sweet face and lots of love to give!


snug as a bug

In Memory Of


A wonderful, spirited, little RR x Beagle mix
A perfect Mini Me Ridgeback
Owner surrender to the Animal Shelter where she caught Parvo and died 4 days after we rescued her.
Sweet Dreams at the Rainbow Bridge



How could you deny THIS FACE????? A super friendly guy, great with children, shy with other dogs, probably NOT cat friendly. He comes pre-spoiled and is ready for his new home TODAY!


Hi, I'm sweet


Well, here he is folks! The Senior Citizen of your dreams! He doesn't Bark, doesn't Fart, doesn't get on the furniture and doesn't have a mean word to say to ANY other dog or child of ANY age.  Wow, what a good dog.
MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!!! After 2 years in rescue Max has found his FOREVER home! Thanks to the Stoffer family in Oregon!


How in the world does this perfect sweet Ol' gal make it from Louisiana to Utah and then get dumped in the Shelter? Probably a mix of RR and Lab, Roda is living the Totally Spoiled Rotten life in Boise, Idaho. This lady is a keeper!
Don't forget the family....Niki(shih tzu), Gracie(rabbit), and Hunter(g.pig)!


Beautiful Miss Sissy! A product of a RR and St. Bernard. She was shy and unsocialized, but is now in a loving home in Colorado! Yes, she is as sweet as her face portrays.........and BIG!!!!


I am a purebred 5 year old male. My owner died and now I am in search of a new buddy. I need a lot of training, but I am smart and willing to learn. Rescue is full, so I am being fostered in Kanab, Ut.  I am neutered and up to date on shots. I am very protective of my yard.

"Quiqua" (keeka)
Take a look  below at my sister "Sasha"! I didn't forget to ask for a ridge! And mine even looks like a candycane. I LOVE children and other dogs, probably not cats and definitely not HORSES. Need some kisses? I've tons to spare.


That's my brother, J.J. below. We were found together. He has hogged all of the attention for the last year of our natural born life, so I am a bit shy. I warm up quickly though. I love to be told I am a "Good Girl", because I am. I'm quite the escape artist too, but only because I am afraid of being dumped again. Can you offer me a secure, loving home? I will return the love 10 fold. I am smaller than my brother, about 50 pounds.


Wow, I am one handsome dude! I look mostly purebred, but take a look above at my sister. We are probably mixed with Labrador. I am what's called a Liver nose. I am extra sweet and gentle, super fun too. I am an escape artist when you leave me alone in the yard......HEY, I WANT TO BE WITH YOU, UNDERSTAND! I am medium size, about 60 pounds.

Hi! I'm a pretty, 9 month old, 1/2 RR 1/2 Lab girl. I've been an outdoor dog for my short life, but I am willing to learn to be a nice calm inside dog. I am good with kids and love to play fetch. I am probably too rambuncious for cats right now. I don't have a ridge.....was I supposed to ask for one?


Roxy! ADOPTED!!!!!!!
60 pounds of NOTHING BUT FUN!!!! This UNDER 2 years old lady, is kid tested and mother approved. We still need to test her with cats, but the staff at the spay clinic fell in deep love immediately. If you have energy to burn, Roxy is your gal. She needs a tall fence and a good reason to stay in the yard......LOTS OF LOVE!!!!!!!

Hello! Yes, I am quite handsome and did you see my ridge?
I need a new person to love. I want to be an only dog and an only child.
Can you fit my specifications?
Please, oh please, oh please!
I am 2 years old.

I'm "Spud" my brother and sister were dumped back in October and now ME!!! I am a bit different than Rocky and Ginger, I have a liver nose and golden eyes, I am a pure blonde. I wanted to make sure I got a ridge, so I ordered 3! Take a look, I have 3 fans down my back. This makes me very special. I am dog and kid friendly, probably not good with cats. Take me home today. I am around 10 months old.
I'm "Sid" a happy, healthy brindle colored RR mix. I'm sweet, friendly with all dogs and KIDS, and I even sit nicely for treats. I have a perfect ridge that stands up like a mohawk. I am medium sized, about 60 pounds. I lay around a lot, sleep stretched out half on the dog bed and half on the tile(for heat regulation), but offer me some playtime or exercise and I am r-e-a-d-y! I love to kiss ears.
I am 8-10 months old. My motto: "A man can NEVER have TOO MANY TOYS!" foster mom is falling in love with me!

I am an absolutely beautiful, purebred, ridged, spayed, four year old Ridgeback. I am a dream. I wasn't dumped like the dogs below. I was raised perfectly and lived a spoiled rotten life(and I deserved it), until my dad couldn't keep me where he lived. I really want a small family of my own. I am scared of strange dogs (not aggressive) and preschool age kids freak me out, but I love grade school age and up. My other requirement is I need a big fluffy dogbed

Rocky and Ginger
We are so loving and friendly, why did someone dump us in the middle of Winnemucca, NV. (we don't know where that is either). We are about one year of age. We love kids!!!!

Erin Coogan
Albuquerque, New Mexico