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Aegis Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Wednesday, April 14 2010

Before I post about the GIGANTOR puppies, I have to take a moment to write a quick memorial to "Sydney" Ch. Aegis Going For Gold, JC, HIC.

The year was 2000. On April 18th, I gave birth to my first child. Just weeks later, with baby and poodles in tow, we (Rob and I) drove Kinley to Sacramento, CA. for a meet up with "Deion" Ch. Kimani's Walk On The Wildside. The resulting pregnancy and birth of puppies was a fantastic experience and the 10 years since have been the most memorable. This entire litter far exceeded our expectations in everyway, leading Kinley to an easy R.O.M., but most noteworthy.....TEMPERAMENTS! Wow, you take good and you make GREAT! This litter was Sydney, Aspen, Arete, Annie, Kaz, Aziwah and (of course) Leroy! Tell me you EVER, EVER, EVEN ONCE met one of these greats and weren't immediately enamored with the pure joy for life, kids, food, and love and I will tell you straight up.......You are an effing idiot!

Sydney burrowed her way into the hearts and bed of Jillyn and Don in Portland and stayed there, physically, until yesterday. She was taken by a disease I hate only second to Alzheimer's......Degenerative Myleopathy. A degeneration of the nerve sheath that causes paralysis in the hind end. It hits a beautiful, healthy, powerful, athletic dog like a train and drags it down the tracks. Sydney fought it every step of the way. Joining her brother, Leroy, in the field of dreams, we hated to see them go, but with Dignity, they rest.

Luckily, there is now a genetic marker test for this aweful disease and hopefully it can easily be erradicated from Ridgebacks. Unfortunately for my father, his mother and perhaps, me......Alzheimer's is still winning.

Suck it on.

Mr. Light Green hit 3 pounds last night. Amazing. Geddie is eating 10 cups of PUPPY food a day. She craps 100 times a day and farts 3000 times an hour........but damn, the milk must be rich because these puppies are growing like wildfire!

Speaking of temperaments.........Geddie was stellar for her visitors yesterday. Greeting them at the door, showing them her prizes, yet keeping a watchful eye. A true testament to the Aegis pack. Zero held the couch down, basking in the sun (which is far more important than visitors), London had to be put outside....see, she forgot to read the "aloof with strangers" part of the RR standard and can get annoying like a Retriever. Silly Ridgebacks.

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Erin Coogan
Albuquerque, New Mexico